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HOPZERO - DataTravel Security System

Finally, a new category of cyber security.

Prevent data ex-filtration beyond a safe perimeter to permanently stop hackers taking your data. Is true data exfiltration prevention possible? With HOPZERO DataTravel™ Security it is. First, DataTravel Security detects data compromise across your entire enterprise, classifying data exfiltration as safe or unsafe, depending on the location. Then DataTravel Security prevents data exfiltration beyond a safe perimeter. Simply put, DataTravel Security limits how many devices can reach or be reached by your most sensitive servers. Permanently stop hackers taking your data and never have to report a data breach. It's simple, elegant and powerful.

Cronus Cybot Pro

The world's 1st fully Automated Next generation Vulnerability management & Penetration Test capable of mimicking hacker behaviour 24x7

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Harmony IoT

Enterprise-grade defense for your airspace

Harmony IoT has the largest database of wireless computing devices and activities in the world. Operates completely independently, out-of-band, so there are no agents or updates to worry about.


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Cronus Cyber Technologies

Harmony IoT


A proud Australia distributor offering unique world class cyber security solutions.
The three solutions together not only protect from external hackers but also ex-filtration of your data.

In other words, from the outside in and the inside out protection. 

We are here to support every client through the simple deployment process and there to support you ongoing.

Having come from MSSP/MSP world we understand the challengers companies face and the often difficult process of dealing with distributors.
We want to maintain the personal touch and be there when you need us.
We believe in good communication and total client satisfaction.

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